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Jan Klaas Enthoven
Bernardus Enthoven

Our History

Headquartered in Germany's capital city Berlin, we maintain an international network of farmers and manufacturers of various food items, importers, and distributors.

We keep our partners informed about latest development in the food ingredient market and, by doing so, try to obtain best results for all parties involved. Aside from day-to-day business, we support our partners in developing strategies for how to operate successfully and sustainably on the international market. This includes advice regarding packing material, logistics, documentation, certification, legislation, and processing of contracts.

100% family-owned business

Active in the industry since 1891

One of the leading egg traders worldwide

Represented in 20+ countries

Our Suppliers' Certifications

If required, our suppliers can manufacture product that meet the requirements of Muslim dietary law.

If required, our suppliers can manufacture product in accordance with strict Jewish dietary rules

If required, we can supply BIO-certified products. These are eggs and egg products that conform to the directives of organic farming.

Our Team

Robertus J.L. Enthoven

Managing Director

35+ years experience in international wholesale for food

Dr. Maximilian J.L. Enthoven

Associate Trader

Mechanical Engineering and Robotics M.Sc from ETH Zurich, PhD in Supply Chain Management from University of St.Gallen

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Drinks & Sport Nutrition

Sauce & Salad Producers


Health Care & Nutrition Industry

Balancing supply and demand in the global food ingredient industry since 1891.

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