Our Products

Shell Eggs

We offer you eggs from officially certified cage husbandry and cage-free husbandry as raw material for industry, graded eggs for wholesale and retail. Furthermore, we offer industrial goods from all types of husbandry for your processing business.

Egg Powder

Furthermore we offer distribution service and buyer support of certified dried egg products such as whole egg powder, egg yolk powder and protein (egg white) powder as standard products, with additional specifications if required.

Liquid Eggs

In addition to shell products and dried egg products, we also offer liquid or frozen products distribution and buyer support. Whether shipped in tank trucks, in small tanks, bag-in-box, with salt, with sugar, pasteurised, unpasteurised or frozen, we offer you whole egg, egg yolk and egg white from all types of husbandry to suit your requirements.

Balancing supply and demand in the global egg industry.
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